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Screen Shot: The Sims 2 Welcome to My Sims 2 Website!
This site is all about the new Maxis game, The Sims 2! On this site you will find lots of great stuff like screenshots for TS2, FAQ,info, videos, articles and so much more great stuff about TS2. Keep in mind that this site is fare from done, and there are still some old photos I have to fix, etc.

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Screen Shot: The Sims 2 Why should I buy TS2? I alreday have TS1
Well, TS2 will be a lot better because of all the new things that Maxis will be adding to the game. Not only are the graphics a lot better, but there is the new life cycle, new interactions, new building options and so much more!
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Some people say that The original Sims and all the exspansions were a waste if money? Is that true?

In my opinon, NO! You can still play TS1 after you buy TS2! And how can a game that entertained us for so many years have been a waste?