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About the
Sims 2

    -There will be over 500+ new objects

    Sims can relate to who is in there Family, and if they see them they smile over at them.

    -The new NPCs are a Lawyer and Baby-sitter.

    The Sims can have up to 3 babies at once.

    -The Sims go through different ages. Infant, toddler, child, teen and geezer then they die.Click here for an example

    -The Sims have DNA, so there children look like them.

    You can choose what kind of school your sims go to.

    -You now have a life score, and the higher the life score, then the more social interactions you have with other sims.

    -Your sims can be struck by lightning and die.

    -There is different weather in the sims. Such as rain, thunder etc.

    -There is now weekends, so your sims can have 2 days of work or school.

    -Every week your sim goes an age older.

    -The sims grow slowly and they change gradaully in the face etc and get bigger.

    -The Sims 2 is all 3D.

    -You can have a 3 story house now including a basement which makes 4. We will also be able to have walkable attics!

    In the neighborhood, you can customize the size of the lots. 50 lots in each neighborhood. In the sims 2 there wil only be 1 neighborhood.

    There is also a new decorate mode, to match the interior settings on your furniture.

    - When a Mum sim is pregnant, she gets bigger over time, and then when its time, she is rushed to hospital in an ambulance, returning a few days later with the newborn baby.

    -If you dont want your sims to die off, there is a button that you can press which will stop your sims from growing. So dont panic!

    -Your Sims can get drunk and start fights. Yes thats right. Adult and Teen sims can get beer and get drunk.

    -Female Adults and Teens can wear make-up.

    -There will be a vanity table, where you can change your sims hairstyle and make-up oh and also hair colour!

    In create-a-sim, you can create aliens and elfs!!!

    There are like 18 new adult careers and 7 geezer and teen careers!

    There are 3 new motives like hunger, bladder etc. They are Thirst, Mind (Which you can make higher when you read a book), and the last one has something to do with Family and Friends and how much you socialize with them.

    -You can now put the camera anywhere you want!!!

    -If you do really well in your job and career, you will earn a prize or a career object!

    There will be heaps better lighting affects in The Sims 2.

    -The sims walk smoothly and more realisticly in The Sims 2.

    -More social interactions.

    -Better water affects, tub, pools etc.

    -In the photo album, you can take screenshots and video mode!

    -In the sims 2, they now have Lifes Big Moments which affects your life score. Some of these events are first step, first crush, marriage proposal, weddings, funerals and birth.. Much more!

    -You can choose to bottle or breast feed your babies!

    -A communal space is being recommended to be in The Sims 2.

    -In screenshots, it doesnt show the time! I dont think there will be any time in the sims 2!!!

    -I heard that the money cheat is moolah.

    -If your sim stays on the couch all day munching on popcorn and watching tv, they will get a fat stomach and girls wont find them attractive. But if your sim loves rock solid abs and works out, then they will be slim and they can basically marry anybody they want (and with a high lifescore.)

    The release date will be early 2004. Approximately Jan-March. I have heard the 15th of Feb more than anything else.. Much more.. :D

    -Objects will also age as well. If you have a new shower, well after a couple of years it will go all old and rusty!!!

    -Grandpas etc can retire and receive a pension!
    -Every age-period needs a special time of play-hours, Maxis is now busy on figuring out how long every stage will be. The toddler-stage will be the shortest, and the adult-stage the longest stage.

    -During a Sim's life, the rate which needs have to be satiesfied more, will change. For example: Teeangers need more social contacts and become hungrier in a faster way. And they need more fun. An old Sim needs a lot more comfort than a younger.
    -A family will most likely consist of eight members. And to have different generations in one house is the best. Grandparents can tend to the babys and toddlers. And they receive a retirement pay. After grandpa or grandma die, their children will inherit it. But how much depends on their relationship-points.
    -A teenager can't make out with an adult or a senior, but Seniors can love an adult, old men can even conceive a child. (Old women can't get pregnant).
    -Sims recognize family-members, even when they don't live in the same house. They know who is their mama or their uncle.
    -There will be different foods! And the best of all is: Sims have to go shopping and buy goods to make a very special meal. The neighbourhood has some public buildings where Sims can buy things to cook, or new clothes!
    -Life-Score: The first kiss and being a father or a mother add points to this Sim's lifescore; if he or she loses his or her Mom in an early stage of his life or dosen't get enough love will get a minus. But there's not a right or wrong way. There are some really cool interactions if a Sim has an extremly low lifescore, the same at the other end. Only the Sims with a null lifescore lead a very boring life.
    -The lifescore also affects how high a Sim will climb the job-ladder or how often some needs has to be satisfied. A Senior with a high lifescore doesn't have to satisfy his comfort as often as a senior with an low lifescore, and so he has a lot of time to play with his grandchildren.
    -The lifescore is the Sim's "memory". Every event in a Sim's life will affect his future.
    Sims are much more intellligent than in Sims 1. If a sims likes another sim, it doesn't just depend on his interests anymore. Also he analyzes the other Sim's appearance and their social background.
    -Sims don't have to work every day - there will be weekends or free days (for surgery for example).
    Even kids and teenagers can work on their skills.
    -Special events: something like "short missions," for example, invite your boss to dinner! When everything works fine, and your boss leaves your house after a good meal, saturated and in a good mood, the next advancement will come sooner. But if your boss witnesses your kitchen burning down or your wicked kids bother him, your boss won't like you much.
Magazine Article

Here is a list of objects that I think will be in TS2

  • popcorn maker
  • in-ground hottub
  • Cribs
  • Toy blocks
  • Teddy bears
  • Video game console
  • new bar
  • Vanity Table*so i believe*
  • island*for your kitchen*
  • playpen
  • baby bath (60% sure)
  • High Chairs.

      -*-More Soon To Come-*-
      Thanks to Honey at The Sims TOO for these!

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