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Info Page

Things that we definately won't have in TS2:

  • No insect-(a brother and a sister having a child together)
  • No teen pregnacies
  • No underage affairs (a teen having a romantic relationship with an adult)
  • No pets(possibly in future TS2 Exspansions???)

Screen Shot: The Sims 2 FAQ about TS2
Here I will answer questions about TS2 that I often hear asked AGAIN AND AGAIN on the fourms

  • What is the Sims 2?

    The Sims 2 is a new Maxis game.....check around the site for more info!

  • When is it coming out? Is it out yet?

    No, it isn't out yet. It is coming out in "Early 2004"(probably January-March)

  • What are the system requirements? Will my computer be able to run it?

    I have what I think is the requirements at the bottom of the page

  • How much will it cost?

    No one is sure, but I am thinking a bit more exspensive then TS1

  • Is it an add-on or a single game?

    A single game

  • Can I play it and still play TS1?


  • Will there be any exspansion packs for The Sims 2?

    The game will concentrate on life at home; there will be NO out of the house locations (downtown, vacation island, old town, or studio town). Also their will be NO pets (dogs, or cats, or such) This begs the question of whether Maxis will go on to make a slew of expansion packs for The Sims 2, much like what it's done for the original release. Will Wright says most likely, there will be TS2 expansions.
  • Will the Sims be able to go out of their houses?

    A communal space is being considered to allow your Sims freedom of movement beyond the confines of their house.

  • Will the time compression be changed so that Sims don't end up spending a half hour each time they need to go to the bathroom?
    That hasn't yet been determined, but they said they might consider tuning the time compression if they felt that Sims were spending too much time doing certain things.

  • Will there be an expansion pack that allows you to follow your Sim to work?

    While this seems like a good idea to some gamers, and might (again, that word) be available in an expansion pack, it sounds like they were having difficulty finding jobs that were entertaining enough to provide a strong following for the idea.

Ther are a lot of rumors cicrulating about TS2, so if I were you, I wouldn't believe just anything you read on a chat....I promise that I won't post anything on ths ite unless I'm 99.99999% sure that it is true :)

Screen Shot: The Sims 2

The System Requirements???
32.MB Graphic card and a 700 processor
to check what you have got to in dxdiag...look to see what processor you have and then go to display and you will find your MG...basically memory is what that is! Hope I made sense!
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