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This is our family page. Here, you can submit your first (or 2nd and 3rd, lol) familys for every one to see!

The Familys
The Willams

  • Monetta Willams-69
  • Marcus Willams-45
  • Susanna Willams-43
  • Jenifer Willams-16
  • Josh Willams-8
  • Nataile Willams-2
  • Lucas Willams-2

    Well, Marcus met Susanna when he was 25 and she was 23. Two years later, when he was 27 and she was 25, they got engaged. A year later (28 and 26) They got married. After a year of marriage, they welcomed their first child Jenifer into the world. When Jenifer was 8, they had Josh and when Jenifer was 14 and Josh was 6, they had twins named Nataile and Lucas. Now, Susanna is pregnant again and if she has a girl it will be Natasha nd if it is a boy it will be Mason.
    -From the Webmaster

      last name:Sauve
    • Jon age: 27
    • Kaity age: 27
    • Samuel age: 11
    • Kirsten age: 14
    • Grampa Rick age: 74
    • Grandma Sara age: 76

      Last name:Degoit
    • Doug age: 42
    • Jane age: 33
    • Billy age: 5

      last name:Hicks
    • Henry:36
    • Mary Lou:32
    • Henry Jr.:8

    From Johnny from The Sims 2 Resource


I hope that these gave you ideas for a family that you will make when you get The Sims 2. To add a family of yours, just e-mail me( You can get my address from the contact page)