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Our Ideas for TS2
Here we have all of our ideas for TS2! Hopefully Maxis will check this page and add our ideas to TS2 ;)

Screen Shot: The Sims 2 I will post a lot of my own ideas here, but I want you guys to submit some by e-mailing me via the contact page!( If there is not a name by an idea, it's mine!)

    1) If you have a christmas tree on the lot, a caroling group comes by and starts singing.
    If you are a nice+shy sim, you will clap at them
    If you are nice+outgoing, you will sing with them
    If you are mean you will boo and yell at them
    If you are mean and in a bad mood, you will pull a broom out of your back pocket and chase them off the lot
    The group is made up of 7 people: 2 adult males, 1 adult female, 1 boy, 2 girls, and one grandmother... all run if chased off the lot

    2) This idea is about events that can happen in the street like an ice cream man. He comes by with a truck every 4 sim days! There's 5 different flavors of ice cream and each costs 2 simoleans. Each flavor will raise hunger 1, fun 3, and lowers bladder .Parades can march by too! Any sims that are sleeping wake up and run outside towards the parade (like they do when drew carey cames to the party) All sims watching will cheer, regardless of whether they are mean/nice/serious/playful/etc. Parade is in 3 segments: marching band, dancers with floats, and then fire trucks and police officers. This is a random event that can happen downtown too.
    3). A health inspector! He will come to your house randomly (whether it is dirty or not) and will knock on the door. Someone will greet him and he will come in. He will look around for dirty dishes, roaches, floods, unmade beds, dead plants, anything that lowers room score. Buy/build mode isn't available, so you can't clean up while he is there. If he thinks the house is clean, he will put up an award on the wall. If he thinks it's a dump, he will give you a warning. If you do not have the place clean in three days, he will give a fee! On the third day he will come back and check. Then he won't return for at least 50 days.
    4). A poor homeless mother who comes to your house with a bundle. A sim will greet her. She will ask if you can take care of her baby because she is running from the authorities and can't take care of her baby. You can:
    Say yes, the baby is yours to take care of... you can name the baby too, the mother will run
    Say no, the mother will cry and run with the baby
    Call the police, Three cops will come almost immediately, the mother will pivot around in shock and panic, then run inside and hide somewhere. If there is another door leading outside she will try to escape through it. 1/2 of the time the police will get her on the lot, and give you a hefty award ($1,200), and the other half of the time the woman will run off the property and the police will follow her.
    5)Fussy little ones-I think that the baby and toddlers should be fussy, like real babys and toddlers. I have seen in a few screeenshots, toddlers begging to be picked up by the adults and teen. I think that they should also be able to get diaper rash and stuff and maybe, when they cry, their Mom(or who ever comes and picks them up) should have to check what is the
    matter, like if they need a diaper change, if they are hungry or something like that . Sim kids could have bad dreams and wake up and go to their parents room and sleep there for the night , The dad would be frustated because they wanted or should i say he wanted to "play" in bed! LOL! Babies could get diaper rashes from their diapers and they could have mobiles.Toddlers could draw pictures for parents an make them put it on the refrigerator and maybe could be really spoiled and tryed to get what they want but then fails ..
    6) Baby/Toddler/Kid interactions- The Sims need more interaction with their parents! They should do stuff, like maybe if you have a sim dad and his son, they could go fishing at their vacation house on the lake or something and bond together. And did u notice that even if it is their first time, all the sims r perfect swimmers? Their parents should teach them. It would be so cute too see a little sims toddler in waterwings doggie paddling!
    7) Bad Teens- I think that Sim Teens should misbehave! They could spend HOURS on the phone, throw parties in their basement, and stuff like that! They would also have to help their parents pay the bills if they r single.! The teens should sometimes be brought home in a police car and the officer could say something like “Your child was caught vandalizing lockers. You have a fine of …..” They would be funny!
    8)Pregnant Sim Moms-I have SO many ideas 4 this! I'm so happy that Maxis will actually let our sims become pregnant and go to the hosptial to have their baby instaead of a little cradle appearing after they kiss! Maybe the moms could do stuff like lamaze (lol, i cant spell but hopefully u know wut I mean) and be really tired and nap a lot. When they are napping or sleeping, it would b kool if they could dream about their new baby! Their hunger would also go down faster. They should also be able to go on paid maternity leave.They could leave work when their pregnancy is almost over and stay home with the baby for a while. During this time, they should fix the baby’s room up and plan for their trip to the hospital

    9)Nannies,Babysitters,Daycare&Preschool- I thought of this while I was talking about the maternity leave. If your Sim mom only stays home for a few or so, you can send your infants and toddlers to Daycare! That would be really helpful for your single sim parents! Also, the toddlers shoulod be able to go to Preschool. They wouldn't get a report card. But they would go on the little bus and maybe at noon they could switch from preschool and go to the daycare until their parents or older siblings r home. Another idea is caregivers! Maybe you could have 2 options-you could get a teen who will come over, go on the phone as soon as the parents leave and hang up just as they pull in the driveway! The kids would be screaming. Or you could pay a bundle and get a nanny who will make them eat vegetables and do chores and homework! I know that the nannies could come during the day, and maybe the teen could too, but they would probably be more for nightime
    10) Sickness-Maybe the Sim kids could get sick(and parents) and they would have to stay home that day. Maybe their sibling or a friend could bring them their homework and they could get caught up. Or if they missed work, they might get a warning and you might get a call from your boss saying “Wilson! You better have 3 Logic points 2morrow morning!” and if they didn’t they could get fired! I can just imagine that!

    11) Twins, Triplets- Imagine your Sim Woman instead of having her baby, she could have twins or triplets or something. That would be cool to have multiple little ones running around the house! They could be identical or fraternal and they could either still look the same when they grow up, or a bit different.

    12)Teen Pregnancy- I think that teen pregnancy should be an option that u can turn on or off in the play options. I want it, but a lot of people don't. this way, everyone will be happy. Myself, as a (beginner) album maker think that this would be great for our stories! Maybe it could be harder for the Teens to get pregnant?

    13)Further Education/Working Teens-I think that when a sim becomes a teen, they should choose if they want to quit high school and work, or keep going to school and go to college. maybe if u had a sim and decided for them to work because they needed the $$$, they should have the option to go back to skool when they r an adult if they have a family. do u like this idea?

    14)Grades-All the kids should be able to get a report card and every time they have their birthday or every few weeks, they should go on to the next grade and if they get F's, they might be held back a year! And they shouldn’t just get one grade foe everything. They should

    15) Puberty- I have varying opinons about sims going through puberty. People have been talking about sim girls getting their peroid...maybe this could be a life moment or something...again this could be a option. Or sim boys could have their voice change. Some people might be grossed out by the idea, but some might want it for an album or something

    16)Extra Cirriculars-Sims Kids should be able to join a soccer team or something like that.....maybe it could be like the coach comes and picks them up and brings back 2 hours. Or they could join a ballet studio and become little dncers! If your Sim kids r lazy, they could become overweight...

    17)Pantrys(for storing food)

    18)(this is something that I have wanted on the sims 4 ever!) The Sims could actually do things in their bed other then sleep (and i dont mean "play" lol) I mean like watch a tv that they have in the bedroom, read a book or something like that. I would love that. I think that this will be possible because because The Sims will be able to do two things at once,
    19)Punishment-the kids and teens could get grounded! Maybe the teen was having a party without permisson and things go a little um out of hand(think "playing",alchol,etc) They could get grounded and not be able to use the phone or hang out with their friend. For the kids, they might of talked back, not cleaned their room or something like that and might get their allowance lifted(c below)
    20)Allowances- I think that this has been said before, but ill say it again. Maybe every Saturday, each child in the family gets . Where u can c ur family exspnes it might say something like "Mike's money:" or something like that. Then Mike can take that $$$ with him when he moves out26) Burglars- I think that the robber should be smarter and (maybe) harder to catch. He could climb through the windows. That would be kool. and u could c like, who the robber was, like if he was ur neighbour. And maybe(this might offend some people) The burglars could kindpap! Maybe they could run away with ur toddler. i'm sorry if this offends some people.
    21)Takeout-The Sims should be able to get other types of takeout instead of pizza. And you should be ablew to choose what u want on ur pizza, like anchovies lol. Or u could order Chinese or something
    22)Garage Sale-The Sims should have Garage sales. All their neighbours can come by and maybe haggle over an item. The Sims could put sime items that they don't like out and get some $$$ for it!
    23)Birthday Par-tays(lo) sorry about the lame joke, i just had 2 had that . Anyway, say it is little Sarah's birthday. she could maybe have a few people(who she choose) and they could stay up late, talk about boys, etc. She could choose the theme and the food choices and stuff
    24)Divorce-I have been hoping for this for a while. Maybe the kids could spend every weekend at Dad's and live with their Mom during the week. I would like this cuz it would b good 4 albums. Imagine the Sims storming off, and coming back with a lawyer. Maybe the game would decide the custody and who gets what for you.
    25)When the sims get married they should propose then....set a date(cuz u can in the sims 2)then decorate the house for it and the brides sisters can be bridesmaids and stuff and then on the day a reverend comes and marrys your sims...and your sims could get like a toaster and stuff for wedding gifts!!
    >26)Baby showers....I know there will be births and funerals...but if u have a poor sim then your baby wont have the best crib or stuff...they should throw a baby shower and the guests bring gifts for the baby...
    >27)if there's a community lot then there should be a grocery store where u can get some little treats like cola..candy and stuff!!
    >28)doctors...your sim can get sick and you can call the doctor out..
    >29)personal things...Don't you hate it when you make a lovely pink room for your sim's daughter and a blue boyz room for your sim's son and then they sleep in e/o's room??Well I think that the 1st person to go in the room should automatically have that room from then on...and like you can buy something and it's one if a neighbor give your sim a gift the sim that recieves it should get annoyed when another sim uses it and stuff!!