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These are
my fav TS2 stories

  • You run into your house on a hot summer day. You're so excited to test out your new wide-screen TV. You're about to watch it, when you think, "If I'm going to watch this all day, I better work-out first, or I could REALLY become fat!" So, you work out for an hour, and collapse on the floor, with aching muscles. You're about to crawl over to the TV, when you think, "Hey, I better eat first, or else I'll be STARVING!" So you go to the fridge and pull out some sushi. You gobble it up, but when you put your plate in the sink, you feel a sharp pain in your side, and feel sick. You're food poisoned! You're afraid you might breakout in boils, so you run to your sister's bathroom, and put on some of her weird-looking make-up to cover your face. Well, you end up looking like a clown. You finally, crawl down the stairs, holding your stomach, when you trip and fall, crashing into the TV, and busting it. So now, you are an aching, sick clown with no TV. What a day!
  • You walk home on a cold winter day. You are very excited, because tomorrow is your birthday, and you finally will become an adult sim! Just think- you can get a real job, you can get married, have kids, move out! LOADS of things teenagers cannot. You've been waiting for this day ever since you were a little tot. Now it's 11:00, and you are shouting about the house. You decide to get a can of beer (there is beer and getting drunk in The Sims 2) and jump in the hot tub...almost time...11:59....all the sudden, a huge bolt of lightning comes down and strikes 11:59:59.....
  • You enter your home with your little sister who's twelve, youngest sister who's 5 and your daughter who's 2. You are 30 now, and both your parents are dead! Your sisters live with you, and you are married to a wonderful man who's name is Markus. Cindy, your 2-year-old, is begging to play with her toys, so you carry her over to her little crib when you hear Melodi, your 12 year old sister yell from the bathroom saying the toilet's plugged, and at the same time, Cindy throws up on you, your 5-year-old sister who's "potty trained" pee's on your favourite carpet AND your husband accidentally started a fire in your kitchen/dining room, which you just got re-decorated! And all you wanted to do was lie on the couch eating a bowl of popcorn watchin' soaps!

A Sims 2 Family Tree

  • Your parents told you on Wednesday that they'd be holding a pool competiton, so your parents had called up their friends and invited them over on Thursday, and while they were all in the basement, you and your sister called up your friends and had a HUGE party! When everybody left and you were still cleaning while your sister was napping on the couch, your parents came up and saw the mess! But they were WAY too drunk to punish you, so they just walked on upstairs and went to sleep...and you got away with a big secret...that you just "played" with the hottest guy in school...
  • One morning, you call up your girl-friend and make a date for 6:00. Dinner, TiVo and *maybe* a bed at 9:00...but first, you must groom yourself, so you get up, change, take a shower, style your hair just the way she likes it and try to put on her fav. clothes of yours, but you are too fat to fit into them! So you work out a bit, and it does nothing, and you're very tired! It's already 2:00 and you haven't eaten, so you eat a small lunch, drink 4 espresso's, go to the bathroom and then keep workin' out. You are slim now, but the doorbell has rung. You quickly change and answer the door. She's wearing this REALLY hto black, slimming outfit. You then remember you forgot to make dinner, so you make it while she is watching a movie on the TV. You eat while watching "Sim in Manhatten" (multi-tasking is possible!) and go into the bed. You play a bit, when she wants to go let her leave, and then you realize's 8:00. And she came at 5...that's when you find out that your REAL girlfriend is still waiting at the front door, and that other girl was her TWIN SISTER!

The aging process.....
This is a story about a young couple named Jack and Jill....enjoy
Thanks to Honey at The Sims-2 for these!!(link is on the New Features page)
Chatper 2(if you missed chapter 1 and would like to read it, let me know!)

Chapter Two.

Wednesday rolled around and Jack took off work to go to the doctor with Jill. When they got to the obstertricians office, she immediately invited them into her office with a worried and destressed look on her face. "Jill" said Dr.Smith. "You are two months, three weeks, and two days pregnant as of right now. but you have to be very careful, because most of your reproductive organs are underdeveloped because of your mother's bad smoking habits while she was pregnant with you. Now the good news is that your baby has enough room and can stay in your uterus with no problem right now, but since your uterus is only this big ( she says as she balls up her fist) the baby can't stay in there for nine months like normal babies." " So if the baby can't stay inside for nine months then how long will it be in there?" "Well if all goes well it could stay in for 61/2 maybe 7 months if you stay off your feet and get plenty of rest when you are 4 months it might be able to stay in for 8 But those aren't promises. Most women go on maternity leave about the last 2 weeks of the pregnacy but luckily for you ,you get to go on at four months. Now you must avoid all bad habits that you have smoking drinking lifting heavy objects IF you want to keep this baby, so as of now you'll need to make an appointment two weeks from now. You'll need to make appointements to see me every two weeks so I can monitor the progress that the baby is making. so see my secretary and she'll make you an appointment for when you need to see me, and for you Mister Jackson congradulations on the new baby."

Thanks to The Sims-2 for this!